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If you are looking for eclectic wall decor ideas for your home, then here’s a guide to styling your walls with handmade decorative item to make your walls unique and interesting.

Leaves Branch Wall Hanging

• Leaves Branch Wall Hanging

A perfect pick for those looking to add a natural yet chic look to their space, this handmade wall decoration in iron fits the best. The wall hanging shows a silhouette of a branch accented in a curved shape further defined by blue spheres around to unveil an abstract look giving a stylish yet subtle look.

Green Patina Wall Hanging

• Green Patina Wall Hanging

Add sophistication to your decor with this fine work of art. Handcrafted and hand-painted in rustic green and accented with rich patina finish, this metal wall decor can subtly transform the room with its understated elegance. This handmade wall decoration article is augmented with a gold metallic touch which is a perfect neutral touch to complement variety of interior decors and comfort varying moods with its classy and elegant appeal.

Floral Wall Painting

• Floral Wall Painting

This beautiful interior wall painting shows the delicacy and beauty of nature by representing it through the flowers painted in shades of blue, the dark and light tones of blue show depth and highlights the curves of the petals, shaping the bloom of the flower. Adding on to the charm of the painting the artist has highlighted the handmade wall painting with light borders around the flower and carefully used hints of white that help in defining the image. The ochre coloured background compliments very well with the flowers giving it a lively yet subtle look. The painting is made on cotton cloth using acrylics as the medium of colour.

Blue concentric wall clock

• Blue concentric wall clock

We cannot hold time, but we can definitely embrace it through beauty! Add a style statement to your wall with this modish abstract hand-made wall clock in Blue Pottery. It is handcrafted with love for modern times with lasting elegance. Bring home the aesthetic appeal which will never go out of style with this decorative clock. Adorn your wall with its sophisticated style to bring easy elegance into your living space. It is also an ideal pick for gifting on festivals and occasions.

Handmade Wall Painting

• Handmade Wall Painting

This hand-painted art works is a perfect fit for your wall decoration; it depicts life and the simplicity of it by the medium of a flower. The painting is on a cotton fabric with acrylic paints. The artist shows the delicacy of flower by the curve in the petal and the feeling of keeping one’s head high through the elongated shapes of the leaves and the petals. The depth shown through shades of fiery orange and the use of lines gives a realistic touch to the painting. The balance between white and black in the centre shows the balance of good and bad in life further complimenting the flower and giving a deeper meaning to the painting. The earthy background gives a realistic feel to the painting and would serve all your needs to accent your wall decoration in your living room or above a console table.

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