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The beauty of design is its ability to morph, adapt, and integrate factors that boost style and function. Although we are all about timeless and personal design, finding a new trend is always enjoyable. And the fact is, each year seems to bring a few new trends that eventually find their way.

2020 was hard on all of us, the pandemic made our lives miserable. We were shut at home due to the lockdown and our home became everything to us. But since a new year has begun it’s time to heal ourselves from the negativity of the past year and nothing more than adopting new trends can steal your heart and give your place a complete makeover.

Many people are still anxious about going out to crowded places and markets, but don’t worry, you can buy home decor online from our site or else you can visit our home decor store in Jaipur. Some of the items that you can purchase online are home decor jars, home furnishing items and many more.

Now let’s explore the 6 decor trends that will steal your heart in 2021!

1. Grand millinneal

What’s old is definitely new again. Move over mid-century – the grandmillinneal style is the decor trend you need to know. The grandmillinneal style brings tradition and peaceful decor into the home. It infuses timeless and classic materials with a contemporary spin. It has a flavour of its own. This amazing trend brings veers away from the defined lines and sleek surfaces of midcentury modern. Instead, it brings in homey, nostalgic pieces, albeit often with a modern update. In a relaxed and inviting way, an eclectic mix of needlepoint, fringes and period pieces are mixed with fresh, modern decor. Simply put, it is a modern, sophisticated take on sweet memories and an affinity for the hand-me downs of grandma.

This new wave of design-savvy, nostalgic-natured and traditionalist inspired trend is on its rise in Jaipur.

Pleated lampshades, Victorian furniture, white ceramics, needlepoint pillows are some of the items you might find in these spaces. If you want to adopt this look, consider our collections from our online store. Especially for the printed home decor jars you can visit our online store. You can check out our home furnishing, that call for relaxation or togetherness from our store in Jaipur.

2. Cane or rattan furniture

We see an uptick across the board in furniture made of fabrics, once reserved for your grandmother’s screened in porch. Cane and rattan furniture have popped up everywhere.

If there’s a trend that will dominate in 2021, as much as it did for most of the 1970s, it’s rattan. And it’s no more just for grandparents.

Cane or rattan furniture is made from natural material, it’s great for specific looks used in specific regions/ climates, it’s how it was used in the 70s boho aesthetic where the trend lives.

The cane is lightweight and flexible, making it suitable for seats and accents. To bring an earthy, natural and grounded feel to a design scheme, particularly when left in natural colour, rattan can be combined with all types/styles of decor. It’s a great way to add texture, warmth and often sculptural elements to space.

Cane can be used in a side chair in living room or on door fronts. It’s in fact a famous choice for outdoor spaces like, pools, decks, patios. And one of the most essential of the rattan furnishing items is the rattan chair, that can be used as a way to add texture and pattern.

If you are looking forward to buy rattan furniture to adopt this new trend, our furniture store in Jaipur and more specifically the furnishing items is something you should explore.

3. Earthy tones

Embracing the earthy tones is one the trend of the interior design in 2021. Earth tone is a colour scheme that draws from a colour palette of browns, tans, warm grays, and greens. These tones are calming, subdued hues that appear to be very flexible, with colours that are rooted in nature. Muddy colours all fall under the category of earth tone, including chocolate browns, moss greens, taupes, and murky mustards. These colours draw outdoor inspiration and never fail to make an interior feel more homely. Earth tones will not only bring warmth but also a connection to the great outdoors. These tones are the perfect colour trend for the ones who love nature and relaxing ambiances.

We love to use them in an otherwise neutral space to give any room a rich backdrop or as vibrant yet grounded bursts of colour. And with natural materials like wood, metal, stone, linen, and woven materials, they work well. This makes a colour family that works in some way or another with almost every interior design theme.

4. Natural Fabric

Fabrics are a perfect choice for decorating. They even help you breathe life into your furniture by being incredibly functional. Fabrics help protect your furniture from dust and stains, apart from contributing to the charm of your décor.

Cotton, for instance can be a great choice for upholstery. Its breath-ability has distinct advantage.

Linen is super as table covering. Its lighter hand and casual nature relate to spring and summer.

Lined silk makes gorgeous window treatments and is very long-wearing. It makes durable upholstery fabrics as well. Before synthetic fibres, silk and cotton were used extensively and they are back in trend again. Wool makes fabulous hard-wearing wall-to-wall carpeting.

Wool sheepskin, in its natural state, brushed and airy with long fibers, makes wonderful small floor coverings at the side of a bed or near a cozy fireplace.

Natural fabrics go in line with the other trends of home decor in 2021 and therefore maintains the aesthetic, natural, traditional yet modern look. Cushions, curtains, upholstery products and many more home decor items in Jaipur has seen a surge in the use of natural fibre.

5. Minimal furniture

We all have heard that “less is more”, and nothing other than minimalism can make it happen. When faced with a resolute minimalist interior, it is hard to ignore the serenity and simple elegance, but creating this look is more intentional and honestly challenging than just choosing a few pieces of furniture for a white backdrop, which can leave a room feeling cold, sparse and unlived-in. Minimalism is about keeping a space simple, uncluttered and accentuating the attractive architectural features of a space. The palette is mostly monochromatic and colour is used as an accent. Minimalism and functionality goes hand in hand.

A minimalist-designed space includes an open floor plan, plenty of light, and well-built and comfortable simple line furnishings. All of these create a relaxing and welcoming room with a timeless aesthetic.

Minimalism makes it possible for the emphasis to be something other than space. For instance, the people in the room or the view from the window may be more relevant than the decoration of the room, In a minimalist condominium living room, the furniture is purposeful rather than as decor items, chair to comfortably sit it, tables for drinks, hidden window treatments to allow views from this story residence, a fireplace to warm. Even the art is simple in composition.

6. High end accessories

Accessories are a powerful tool as they make your spaces come alive as they add texture, colour, pattern and form. They aren’t just eye candy- objects but can be functional in their forms such as vases, books and bowls. They pull the design scheme together.

High end accessories can be used to add bright pops colour to an all white colour scheme. Personal photographs are displayed together with contemporary and more traditional art pieces. Mixing up old with new makes for an interesting space.

Adding accessories such as throws, sheepskins, cushions, and flowers add texture and interest.

One can give their home an easy and effective update with our range of luxury home accessories, can purchase them online from our site.

To create a space with these trendy ideas, give your decor grandma’s touch, keep it close to nature with earthy tones, minimal or rattan furniture and adding some high end accessories to pull the design scheme together. You can also bring these new stylish, amazing trends of 2021 to your home simply explore our home furnishing products online as well as visit our home decor store in Jaipur.

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