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If room decor is something you are looking for or planning to shift to a new home, we at Fanusta are here to help you out. You can find amazing home decor online at affordable prices.

Just the way we need grooming to give a good impression of ourselves and elevate our self-esteem, so does our rooms and home, and nothing more than having an elegant yet impressive home decor can come to your rescue when you are trying to stand out. When planning to shift or decor your home rather than focusing only on the larger picture such as the colour theme or furniture, focusing on smaller and more significant details such as home decor essentials, furnishing, lightning, organizing your stuff are also important to keep in mind. These small and elegant details can lift up the serenity of your house.

The online surfing is something that might come handy while curating the items for redecorating. Fanusta not only provides you offline facility through our home decor store in Jaipur but you can also connect with us online. And since it’s the time of pandemic, purchasing online is surely the safest option.

To help you with this task we have a plethora of home decor products that you can purchase online.

Fansuta provides you with a wide variety of home decor products that you can purchase online. You can also visit our home decor store in Jaipur.

The exclusive home decor essentials are the handmade decorative items that will give a personal touch to your place. Handmade decorative items stand out the most and therefore we make sure to provide you with such essentials pieces. It’s difficult to search for handmade home decor in stores and even if you do find some , they are quite expensive and fragile to but we make sure to provide you them with extreme care and quality.

We have curated a list of Home Decor Essentials that are a must have for your home.

1. Light up your empty space with lamps that follow your style.

To light up the empty spaces with fashion you can choose lamps that follow your style. Lamps not only lights up the space but also provide an aesthetic look to the space and therefore elevates the overall effect. Depending on the space available, you can purchase variety of lamps ranging from standing lamps, designer lamps, industrial lamps, floor lamps to hand painted decorative standing lamp. The right lightening is an essential component in how cozy your home feels. Adding more lamps is one of the easiest ways to create a warmth and more welcoming ambiance to your home.

2. Aesthetic mirrors to brighten your room.

Surely there might be places in your house less illumination, so for such areas you can surely go for aesthetic mirrors and create an attractive look. Using mirrors is advantageous because mirrors reflect light and once it bounces, it gives the illusion of a much bigger space. They also increase the brightness of a room. Giving the mirrors an aesthetic touch will upraise the whole vibe. A mirror is a decorator’s secret weapon. From simply being a practical object in which to check your face, a beautiful mirror can be used to amplify light, add drama, create interesting reflections and frame views. Its astounding how addition of a mirror can transform your space, resolving any interiors dilemma in an instant.

3. Don’t forget to decorate your walls.

Living rooms reveal your personality. It is almost like your signature that is left on your walls. So whether you are a travel buff, fashionista, art enthusiasts, our living room walls are like your canvas. Since walls are the places that you can decorate the most, therefore do not forget to give them much needed spruce with wall art or painting. You can also have handmade wall decorations and metal wall art. The walls speak for themselves so just by doing little you can actually enhance the whole view. There are plenty of options available for metal wall art as well as handmade wall decorations that you can purchase online from our store.

4. Cushions to make your living room comfortable and cozy.

The best choice when planning to decorate your living room is to have comfortable and cozy cushions that goes with the overall taste of your room. Cushions of various designs, colour and fabric are available. You can choose the ones that goes with your taste, however if you go for colourful cushions of different patterns, they add a vibrant vibe to your room and make it more lively.

5. Cute vases to fill up the empty space.

When you are putting so much effort to make your house beautiful then why to leave the empty spaces. Add cute vases to fill up the empty spaces. Vases of different size, shapes and patterns are available. You can also choose the ones with different colours to contrast with the overall theme.

Vases not only enhance the natural beauty of flowers but also serve as best decorating item for home and office.

Variety of vases ranging from small vases to floor-length vases are available and are certainly one of the best home embellishments. Vases are quick and easy house decoration thing and can spruce naturally. Whether you adorn your vase with a fresh seasonal bunch of flowers r something as a rustic as tumbleweed combined with gigantic fabric flowers, we have all these options available for you.

6. Decorate the balcony and move a little close to the nature

Not every time one can go out to feel close to the nature so the best way to do so is to bring nature close to you by having amazing planters in your home or in the balcony. The most fascinating part about having planters is not just that they will improve the air quality but also enhance the look. So we have some astounding planters that you can possible choose from and feel connected to nature even by being in the vicinity of your home.

7. Scented candles will always make you feel relaxed

We all have some days when we feel tired and exhausted after a long day at work. All of us look forward to go home lie on the bed and relax. To make yourself even more relaxed and fresh you can use scented candles, which will not only spread aromatic fragrance but also dim lightening and therefore tranquil ambience. Candles of heavenly fragrance, sizes, patterns and shapes are available. The soft light and fragrance of a candle can not only reduce stress, but can actually help us improve our mood. Scents can have positive effects on mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and physical ad cognitive performance.

Apart from all these positive effects, candles are a part of the important moments in our lives from birthday cake to religious celebrations.

8. To make your coffee table look neat use organizers.

Decorative tables and organizers to make your coffee table look neat and organized are also something you can look up to. It is the centre point of every formal and casual living area. Coffee tables serve many roles in homes; from landing for drinks, feet or a television remote to a place to display meaningful decorative pieces. When it comes to how to style a coffee table, some may perceive it as a bit tricky task, but with organizers and trays, it is a great way to add interest to a space.

Apart from the above mentioned items, you can also purchase home furnishing items of best quality and extraordinary look. Such as curtains, rugs, wall hangings, chair coverings, bean bags and many more. We all know that our home is an extension of our personal style. Therefore it’s important that we are very careful and choosy when we are planning to decorate our home as it will reflect our personality.

Room decoration also depends on the purpose of the room that is, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, study room. But not to worry we have amazing room decor essentials for all your needs, for all kinds of rooms. You can visit our home decor store in Jaipur to have a glance at all the amazing collection we have stored for you.

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