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The season of rain is here! With the onset of Monsoon it’s time to redo your home decor ideas to keep up with the trends. Make your home decor items feel as fresh as the first shower of rain and as happy as the fragrance of wet mud. Here are some off the best home decoration ideas for a touch of your home in the rainy season.

You know what; splashes of monsoon are enjoyed best indoors. Don’t believe me?

Well, I’ll tell you how!

What is the first thing came to your mind when you thought about rain? It’s a cup- of tea and spicy pakodas- home is where rain feels best. And if the home decor, textile, furniture and setting scream monsoon too, you have gotten yourself a cozy heaven for some couple of weeks.


This rainy season opt a combination of bright and warm colors which will add some soft aura to your interior. We bring just the right thing to add oodles of color to your interior walls. Blue and white color wall accent in wooden finish are just what is perfect to make your room look bright. Place a wall art decoration or painting of bright gushing colors, they have some soothing effect that rain do have.


With the droplets of rain that acts like a tonic for the planters outside, monsoon is surely a green season. Then why not to bring some of this color to your home as well? We can add no. of things that will give a fresh look to your home decoration like a beautiful plant with crackle finish terracotta pot, green color painting to the wall decoration well bed covers can be used with the printed floral flowers or a set of tropical green kitchenware online will go best bet this monsoon season.

fanusta dinner set

Admist the lazy rains by bringing in some decor items online of some new colors other than blue and green as they are the most closely associated colors with monsoon. Try some other hues like pink, mauve, mustard and yellow that will make your home brighten. Be vocal about love for “mixing and matching”. Put classy handmade furniture online which would be a combination of classy as well as colorful. This will add a flavor of season. Add cheer to your space by adding cushion covers in different print and pattern to perfectly compliment your modern bedroom design even it will best compliment your living room decor. This will definitely bring in a balance of subtlety and playfulness.

fanusta cushion covers

As on rainy days everything is of black and grey color outside in rainy season, lighten up your home decor item will surely add a charm to your area. Decorative holders, scented candles and chandeliers can do wonder to your home and make you feel warm and cozy. It is the important part of home decoration ideas, so one should choose the best light which will set your mood up during the monsoon season. Even add some flowers and aroma to refresh your room and make your mood better.

fanusta Decorative Diya

We should always keep on changing our interior decoration ideas according to the season. Be mindful to avoid white and light colors this season. Go for some bright interiors, make small addition to décor like floral print and patterns for furniture and textile to make the ambience of your home welcoming and bespeaking of the monsoon fiesta all around! Renovate your home with these home decor ideas. Give your home a much needed makeover with

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