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Whether we believe it or not, we are basically the visual creatures who are always seeking for the element ‘beauty’. This is simply the way our ‘brains’ are wired. Although we might not agree with a uniform standard of beauty, because there is no arguing about tastes and everything else, we all have some portion of beauty we clearly follow. This tradition is present in every aspect of life, from the books we read, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the homes we have, and obviously, the food we eat. Contrary in the ancient days when food was raw and everything else that mattered was the source of energy, but now, how the food is presented matters the most to everyone.

Brass handle Wooden Decorative Tray
Marble Inlay Work Decorative Tray

To take this conversation in depth, the decorative purpose of serving food is essential for people hosting parties at restaurants, diners, and home. To the rescue, decorative serving trays were introduced; the presentation of food is what makes a serving tray mandatory. No matter what the occasion is or the place, all you need to do is judge your requirements and the tray is available.

Depending upon the preferences and the occasion, the choice of wooden trays differ in many ways, make sure you take every element into the consideration. Whilst it comes to the posh dinner at fancy places, silver, in particular is a suitable choice; reason being ‘elegance’. The wooden and plastic options are good to go for diners as they give you homely feeling for all the yummy dishes being served. From everything mentioned above, it is judged, that for every event you have an ample variety of trays. Make sure, the trays are cleaned properly – (just for your information) Steel is cleaned easily and is more durable; plastic can be cleaned easily, but the durability is less as compared and with the wood, it totally depends upon the finish it slays.

To follow up, there are different kinds of trays which you can pick accordingly, put on your glasses and read on:

Metal Engraving Decorative Serving Tray
Pink Decorative Tray and Box

Party Serving Trays:

These types of trays can either be decorative or simple depending upon the occasion. Use them for serving foods such as salads, fruits, cookies, etc or it can be relevant to your tea party too. You can also opt for the handmade tray for the decoration and serving purposes. Get the one for yourself only with fanusta.

Wooden Serving Trays:

Usually, wooden trays are not common and on the majority basic, you will find them at coffee shops, tea stall or cafes. There are easy to handle and very durable, sometimes heavy but they look elegant, especially if they match the dining ambiance. Drooling over? Get wooden trays online in India only from fanusta. The choices are endless!

Silver Serving Trays:

The silver serving trays are considered as a HIT, especially in the food industry because of their elegant and shiny appearance. The majority of people prefer using them for the catering purpose. You can find them in rectangular or round shape. Take your pick!

The varieties at Fanusta are endless, if you are interested in handmade trays for the decoration purpose or any particular tray. Start exploring and render your needs accordingly.

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