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Modular kitchen is a new and innovative alternative to the traditional kitchens and provide solutions to the challenges posed by the same. With its functionality and durability, modular kitchen makes your everyday task easy. And Jaipur being one of the vibrant cities, the modular kitchen in Jaipur should have the same high-spirited vibe too.

So here we are to provide you with ways to design a perfect kitchen designs for your space that suits your budget and style.

INDESIGN offers different contemporary modular kitchen designs to make your kitchen area congenial. Some of the designs we offer are the L- shaped kitchens, Island kitchen, Gallery kitchens, Peninsula Kitchen, One wall, Galley and many more. However, the layout of the kitchen largely depends on the shape and size of your area. Although there can be variations and deviations in the layout due to the shape and size of kitchen but all these are taken care of by us and we assure to provide the best suitable layout for your kitchen.

We also provide you with trendy colour scheme options that will add a completely different vibe to your kitchen and make it the centre of attraction. The colour scheme options are many but since here we are focusing on modular kitchen design in Jaipur we try to make it as vibrant and lively as possible. Jaipur, being one of the ancient city and the city of maharajas, is rich in traditional values, therefore we ensure to maintain the essence of traditional yet modern design for your kitchen. Although we have numerous colour scheme options but the final decision is always yours and you can choose the colour scheme according to the overall language of your interiors.

INDESIGN provides the best shutter material ranging from plywood to high gloss mica. Along with that we also keep ourselves updated with the latest technology for the kitchen appliances and makes sure that we provide the best to you. Some the latest technology that we provide in the modular kitchens include sensors in the shelves, dishwasher ( as per the requirement of the client) and also the space for other electrical appliances such as oven, microwave and chimney.

We provide you a wide range of choices that you can also explore while deciding the countertop material as per your requirement and preference; we do offer amazing options for that as well such as granite, marble, Quartz and many more. Lastly you can also select the hardware, accessories and sink from the miscellany.

We work to give your kitchen all that is required for a smooth functioning. With all the latest technologies, we want to make your cooking experience pleasing and easy. The services and support of our team, from measurement to installation, ensure the possibility of customization and last minute adjustments that you do not get otherwise. INDESIGN by Fanusta provides you with the best modular kitchen in Jaipur, that you can flaunt to your peers.

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