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Since the COVID-19 entered our lives, a lot has changed. Most of our movement is restricted and even our office has shifted to our homes. Most of us have had a tough time, adjusting to the new Work from Home culture. Working remotely has many challenges such as being confined to your bed or battling over a designated couch. One thing that has helped us overcome the problems of working from home is to have the perfect Work from Home setup. This can be the perfect opportunity to model the ideal home office you have always dreamt of!

We have introduced 3 handcrafted and wood based Work from Home furniture ranges to suit your own style and space. Not only are these designs flatpack and highly functional but also very modern and cost effective.

• Foldable Home Office for compact spaces

If you don’t want your Work from Home furniture to take up a big space, this folding workstation is the one for you. A wall mounted cabinet which can be unfolded into a working table, it is the best solution for small spaces. The built-in soft board gives the view of your tasks and plannings at the start of the day, a good way to start your day and stay focused. It gives you the pleasure of packing everything back into a cabinet at the end of the day which can be similar to leaving your office after a day’s work.

• Multipurpose Workstation

Why use your Home Office just for your work? Play board games, organise your stuff and many more with this multipurpose workstation. The two very spacious drawers will provide ample space to organise your files and keep them arranged. Even if you love keeping lots of stationary, this design has got you covered. It also comes with an attached soft-board for you to place your tasks and stick up your do to list.

• Minimal Home Workspace

Still wondering whether you should invest in Home Office furniture? Look at these benefits and reconsider:

  • • Improves your mood and boosts your productivity.
  • • Provides a comfortable and sound working environment for better concentration
  • • Allows better organising of the files as per convenient relevance
  • • Keeps your posture correct and hence prevents spine problems.

Keeping in mind the situations of the corona virus, we can foresee that a lot of us will be working from home for a long time. Investing in a home office is the best investment to make in 2020 and better adapt to the new working conditions. Get your workstation today to help you relax and be more productive.

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