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Decorating your home can be a tedious job when you are bounded by a budget. Somehow, you might not able to afford the exquisite blue and white pottery vases you found it perfect for that wooden corner table or pottery and vases that will be perfect for your bedroom. But that does not mean that your home should look low-grade. A bit of thinking and creativity can make your home look classy and glamorous as if you have spent a fortune on it. There are other elements that can glam your place too. Curious to know? Read on folks:

• Gorgeous Walls: Thinking about an over-priced masterpiece painting that can only make your walls look gorgeous? Not at all, right? The crazy idea is to paint one of the four walls with a different color or you can also opt for the bold color. Using texture paints or texture roller will be much better to make the walls look gorgeous all by itself.

• Furniture Color: Contrasting and mix-matching of colors in a room always end up in giving an amazing look and feel. But, if the elements are not good enough, it’s always better to opt for light and subtle color with furniture; Adding a pair of cushions in a bright shade will be gorgeous enough to uplift the objects. If not, you can also place big flower vase especially for your living room.

Turquoise Green Tube Iron Vase

• Paint the Main Door: To say goodbye to the boredom from the entrance, it’s better to paint the main entrance door in a bold color; may be tomatino red! This might sound wacky, but a contrasting color as compared to the walls will bring out complete vibrance out of everything around. You can use other colors too, if you are not a fan of red color. Make sure you test the color a bit before finalizing anything.

• The Corner Table: The power of our imagination has no limits and when its about our home, then the creativity comes with a good notch. You can use old cans, glass bottles, or anything in view of blue and white pottery. If you have good hands on art and craft – Try to create your own masterpiece. Place it on the corner table and see how elegant they turn a dull corner into a cynosure.

Glass Decor

• Knitted Throws for Sofas: They always add warmth to the room and decor. A bed or a sofa draped with a knitted throws can ultimately impact the smooth and cozy feeling to the room; also you can decorate them on swing sofa outside the balcony or the lawn. It will look amazing on both! In the end, the choice will be all yours!

• Dining Table: No matter how expensive is your dining table, and another reality check is that no one really likes a naked table. Simultaneously, if the table is topped with a bowl of fruits or flowers, the table ends up in looking inviting. A natural fibre or a heaven bamboo bought from the nearby market will not only look trendy, but it will also make it look unique and quirky.

• Lamps: When the table lamps look boring and outdated, instead of going for a complete change try to change only the lampshade. This will cost you less as compared to the buying complete lamp set.

Ladies & Gentleman! What is your pick of the day? Confused? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with the exclusive collection of home decor. If you are looking for flower vase for living room, or any vase decorations for living room you are definitely on the right page; also keep scrolling our other collection and hit the SHOP button. See you at the time of delivery!


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