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Monsoon is the time of the year when everyone enjoys having tea or coffee sitting by the window/balcony of their home, basks in the lush green environment, or just lies lazily in bed watching the rain drops fall. But it is often accompanied with dull and dreary aura that that makes the home look gloomy. The dark indoors can make us feel boring and low.

Why to let the gloom affect us and make our home look drab? Give your home decoration a monsoon makeover with the following tips:

1. Light up The Dull Corners- Placing rustic wood candle holders in the corner or Indian decorative items like floral pottery vase can help in brightening up the corners and make every space of your home lively and inviting.

Candle Holder

2. Color Therapy- Bright colors in your living space can go a long way to lift your mood and can quick fix dull interiors. Adding colorful decorative boxeshandmade home decoration pieces or showpiece for home decoration will elegantly elevate the look of your home. Colorful cushions of block prints and traditional Indian style can also be used to accessorize bed and sofa to bring in some vibrancy. If eclectic and handmade is your style then decorating your home with handmade wall decor ideas like Pichwai paintings or Rajasthani wall paintingsis an ideal pick.

Fanusta Bedside Decor Ideas

3. Scented Candles- Scented candles and mild fragrance of incense sticks is just the right pick to keep away the moist smell away from home. Buy soy wax candles and votive candle holders from our range of decorative candles that serves both the purpose of filling the space with refreshing aura and decoration ideas for evening get-togethers. Coffee Table and side tables are the best place to decorate with candles.

Fanusta Center Table Decor Idea

4. Green Affect- You can add variety to your flower arrangements by adding leafy plants. Some fresh flowers and plants in a handmade vase not only bring tropical look but also add fresh vibe to your interior.

Faunsta Blue Pottery Planter

5. Accent Decor- A piece of accent furniture in the quiet spaces of your home or a group of framed wall art in vibrant colors will bring to life drab corners and create a cheerful spot.

Fanusta Accent Furniture
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