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Colors are the best therapy to boost up your mood in a second. With every year passes comes a new color trend. This year color prediction is bold and bright. While last year we saw it was flat and muted color.

Here are some of the home decor ideas that we bought for you keeping in mind this year color trend. As colors trends changes with time doesn’t mean you have to paint your house again and again just go with a little change like décor objects, textile, furniture and wall arts, this will add a trendy look to your beautiful home décoras well as it will always make you feel that something is new.

Forest Green

Whether you want your living room décor to be glamorous or simple, deep forest green color is perfect autumnal hue, make any room feel pleasant and cheerful as weather turns colder with every rain. This color works well all around the year, though, as it will give your home décor idea a cool and shady feel that will go best in summer months.

This color goes best with the trend and fills your beautiful home décor with richness when it is paired with brass or metal accents, put a large wall art in a matt forest green color will dial down the glare. Cocooning the winter and cooling in summer, it looks great balanced with equal amount of flannel grey.

Golden Yellow

Adding accent of gold in your home decor item will give them a sense of luxury and opulence. A brighter gold will catch anybody’s eye, while a golden yellow will lend richness and warmth to your design. As living room are our most beloved space in our home where we spend most of our time. With so many different themes and style you can choose from gold that can fit in all the nooks and crannies.

Golden home decor idea feels alluring, warm and happy even look rich and stylish too. Small size trays, centerpiece, wall decor or frames of golden yellow color will bring beautiful texture and shine into your living room decor. However, large golden decoration can dramatically decrease bedroom space and living room design visually, so less is more when you want to create spacious, comfortable and stylish golden room décor idea. When you catch yourself wondering what to do with your home decor, gold will be the top most options.

Sand Pink

A gloomy color that can freshen up your mind, as the temperature continues to drop and days get shorter. There is a need to drawn towards cozy home décor ideas and warmer hues. So this is the perfect time to put together a warm, cozy and relaxing home by using a sand pink color.

The warm tones of this color are fully embraced and it can be paired with gold, brass, metal and copper along with rich wood tones. While pairing pinks with cooler colors like blues or greens, can certainly work, that color combo will surely going to put out the blue undertones in the pink, making them appear cooler and pinks. Well it will look really great, but not to forget that if you are going for blush, coral, warm pink hue, keeping the accessories warm or neutral is the way to go!

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