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In the world of industry, the majority of people always look for the branded products. Apart from everything, there are a few people that drool up in buying hand made products or something in touch of Rajasthani home decor which is known as Handicrafts; The business of handicraft is growing with the full notch globally. For example: Handicrafts in India are currently famous for some charming products like: handicraft home decor, gifts, furniture, designed clothes, dolls, wood works, hand paintings, toys, other handicraft decorative items, and a lot more to cherish. All-together, handicraft products are scrutinized as traditional work, and there are numerous pros and benefits in opting for them.

Fanusta Cover Picture
A Bit More:

Handicrafts are exquisite, exclusive handmade products that are gorgeous than anything that is machine introduced. They have a touch of nature and are just like delicate snowflakes, each one of them is quirky and unique. There can be no better gift than a handicraft, especially when you are presenting to your loved ones. Not just it is all because they are handmade, but because there is some sort of pure sentiments that is made from bare hands and involve a lot of hard work and creativity. Precisely, it gives us the message that this special gift is for someone that is truly special and close. To know more, there are five basic and common used raw materials that are used to make handicrafts the pro way to impress – Clay, Brass, Ceramic, Cloth, and Wood. You can pick any of these according to the necessity, likes, and occasion. You will be amazed to see the magic artisans shower in the making of handicrafts. Nevertheless, you must be good enough to select the gift accordingly and end up with a personalized note. Sounds awesome, Right?

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Iron Elephant Showpiece

Mandana- Traditional 4 section Serving Tray
Mandana- Traditional 4 section Serving Tray
The Magic Of Handicraft:

• Re-usability of Waste Materials: There are certain materials that are considered as waste and are later on ended in the trash bin. But, in the business of handicraft, the majority of raw materials used are from re-cycled bottles, wastes, bangles, cans, pins, and other stuff. Also, there are some of the household bits that are used in the making of handicraft gifts which thereby includes plastic cups, cardboard box, buttons, cans, cups, old clothes, magazines, newspapers, and much more. To conclude, it helps to re-cycle the waste into something really good.

• Being Creative and Skill-full: No matter what skills or talent you have, if you are successful in impressing the customer and meet their quality criteria and requirements, you are already HIT. All you need to do is create beautiful handicraft products with your knowledge, skills and ideas. At first, you will be making mistake but as the time flies, you become a pro in that. Later on, it will help in increasing your business, thus enhancing your basic interests and skills.

• The Economic Growth: Handicraft products from a cottage or a small scale industry can be easily marketed with the help of exhibitions, trade fairs and everything else that helps in upgrading the talents to everyone. All this helps in increasing the economic growth. For example: In Rajasthan, there are many small scale cottage industries that are dedicatedly involved in the making of handicraft gifts that not only help them to earn income for their families but also help in strengthening the economic growth to all the foreign countries.

• Minimum Investment: This evergreen business totally depends on the ordinary raw materials and skills of an individual. Therefore, there is no need for any high pricing machine or any investment in big industry.

Love for Artisans: Now we know only handicraft products are those that can bring in that BIG GRIN on the face of your loved ones. Due to its unique factor, handicraft products really amaze many buyers globally. We too are fond of handicraft products and want to indulge you too with our tempting collection wherein you can find some handmade home decoration pieces, gorgeous Indian home decor ideas, or it can be home decor ideas in India if you are searching specific for this country, and much more to drool for. Explore our collection and fill in your cart. See you!


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