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Oh! You have just bought that perfect piece of decorative wall piece or painting you have been stalking for a while and of course putting them on your wall would be cakewalk. Now, the tedious job is where you need to hang them? How high should that be? How the arrangement should be done? Everything will be sorted easily? And so on! Well, don’t freak, given below is some of the ideas that can help you in figuring out to take the best pick. Also, you can find in some of the home decor items in Jaipur from fanusta just in case if you thinking to try your hands on. Here:

• The Location: The challenge begins with the basic question ‘where?’. Time to pick the wall and position that can make your piece stand out. Make sure it is not under direct sunlight as it will make it fade. Now back to the grind, try to avoid the locations that can damage the wall art like placing near heating ducts, air conditioning, or fireplaces.

• The Height: The majority of experts recommend that pieces should be hung at certain eye-level. But, we know that eye levels vary and the formula for this is the piece should be 60 inches above the ground level. Furthermore, if you are having a hook or a wire to place a wall art, then make sure to factorize the position of the hook or wire into your calculation while determining the level.

• Above Furniture:This rule needs to be looked over carefully. If you are thinking to place the wall piece above furniture, make sure it has the vary of 6-8 inches above the furniture. This will make it stand out without crowding the furniture and also doesn’t get lost. Also, if there is a couch, then it would be a tricky job for not hitting it on someone’s head if they are about to lean back.

• Beautiful Combinations: Always and the best way to pair decorative pieces together and create a beautiful combination. Pieces can be in the same size or a collection of different sizes. In such, make sure to treat the arrangement as one large piece and later on calculate the placement from the ground level. Try to keep nearly about 2 inches of space between pieces, although, this is not the fixed rule. TIP: Larger pieces can be placed in the center, but choice can vary from the recipient and the decor also.

• Gathering the Pieces: Finally! The time has come to decorate your favorite wall piece. The recommendation is to use two hooks on the wall for distributing the weight of the piece and from hanging forward. Also, make sure your wall doesn’t look tilted or crooked whilst hanging the piece. The artwork has to be secure with regard to the weight the hook can handle.

On That Note: So, yeah? Excited? How about checking out some of the gorgeous home decor items in Jaipur? Hop on to and get going with all the excitement al together. Also, share some of the ideas about how did you place the wall art. Hope you’ll have fun with the same.

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