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One of the most functional and versatile piece of furniture in a living space is table. Depending on the space and interior theme, one can decide on the shape, size and material of the table. Here’s our guide to help you choose the perfect table for your space.


Wood is one of the most trending materials and comes in any style you can think of. Be it rustic, traditional or contemporary, wood does it all. Glass Tables are the go to choice for most contemporary houses now-a-days as it helps a space feel less crowded. While if you wish to bring an air of class and elegance to your space, go for a marble table or if versatility is more your style, a metal table base paired with wood or marble can make the room feel raw yet urban, complementing a variety of décor.


Square tables complement almost all forms of furniture from smaller sofas to sectionals and takes up less space as they slide easily next to a sofa while the absence of straight lines in round tables makes it easy to put up anywhere in a room.


Once you’ve decided on material and shape, find the perfect fit for every room of your home-

1. Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often the focal point of a living room, typically placed in front of a sofa to set magazines, coffee books and share drinks and snacks. This piece of furniture is used nearly every day in most homes, hence a statement piece can grab attention of you or guests walk in the room. Set the tone for your design mood with a gorgeous table.

2. End Table

Need some extra space to keep some books, décor accents or just to hold drinks while entertaining visitors?End Tables are the perfect solution that can go next to a sofa or chair and provide ample storage space.A nesting table is a fabulous option when you have a compact space.

3. Console Table

A versatile furniture piece with narrow tabletops, console tables can be used throughout the home in many ways. A console with storage is very useful on the entryway to keep shoes, umbrella and other outerwear. While in the living room, it can be placed against a wall to display decorative items like photo frames or objet d’art.

4. Side Table

As the name suggests, this table resides on the side of the bed, sofa, lounge or armchair,so you have easy access to remote or reading material. A side table with storage can help you keep your everyday essentials like watch, wallet, and keys organized.

From small space tables to luxurious coffee tables, Fanusta has it all to make your home complete and unique. Explore corner table designs for living room, side tables for living room, dining room furniture to contemporary furniture at Fanusta.

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