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Who doesn’t like an aesthetically pleasing and functional home? An ambient interior can be a much-needed eye candy after a long day at work. It goes without saying that we all have different preferences when it comes to interiors, just in the same manner in which different styles appeal to different people. The beauty of this age is that we have several options available for us through the internet that help us create a home that suits your likings-be it modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian, traditional, transitional, Bohemian, Rustic, Shabby Chic, Coastal, etc.

What makes INDESIGN different from all other interior designers is that we provide you the option of customizing your space according to your taste in terms of furniture, flooring, ceiling and anything you want. INDESIGN provides its customers one, single place to find everything they want for their Interior Design requirements, from interior design consultation to smooth execution. We work with a team of top interior designers in Jaipur and other parts of the country to create modern interior designs. INDESIGN by Fanusta is a one-stop destination for all interior designing services to create functional workspaces and beautiful home interiors. We have an in-house design team specialized in transforming homes into great living spaces. After carefully assessing the needs of clients, Experts at INDESIGN will establish a concept and then tailor design to suit their requirements.

Here are some of the projects that INDESIGN by Fanusta has worked upon in its beautiful journey of creation.

Double Story Bungalow Interior in Rajasthan

The perfect blend of traditional and minimalistic space; this property in Sikar, Rajasthan has all the perfect elements needed in a home with the mixture of subtle tones, minimal artefacts and furnishings topped with the soothing interior elements and the tasteful accessories from our own House of Fanusta. The contemporary style with the traditional and minimalistic tones turned out perfectly as they wanted it to be. Our design team understands the needs and taste of the client before working on the design strategy which makes us one of the best interior design services in Jaipur. The full place has its corner customized according to every living person’s space as they want it to be. Each room has its own identity and design aesthetic. The antique furniture in the dining room along with modern decor accents, give it a perfect blended look of the contemporary and traditional interiors. The moody tones used in the living room give it the refreshing look that creates a welcoming vibe in the area. Children’s room has the perfect elements to make it cozy and comfortable yet stylised interior. Overall, this property is the whole package of the aestheticism served with functionality.

2 BHK Flat interior in Pune

This place in Pune is designed by our best interior designers from scratch in vibrant tones according to the client’s demand who themselves were as vibrant as their taste in interiors. The warm and comfortable interior with minimalistic elements made this project the best and the most challenging one. The project turned out to be a masterpiece of simplistic life approach which the client wanted their home to represent. One of the important requirements by the client for this project was a good source of light which will make them home brighter. Our interior designers decided to choose a wall in the living room where the sunlight fell profusely and installed a large window, making the room sunlit. The vibrant color theory improvised in the bedroom is the most attractive part as the hues of green are perfectly blended for the bold and modern outcome in the bedroom space complementing the front wall. The freshness needed in the children’s life is perfectly presented by the children’s room which has the fresh colors with all the needs of the children like the study table and the playing space. This perfectly strategized house in Pune is one of our best creations with the perfect furnishings from our furniture store in Jaipur creating it the perfect abode for the new generations shining out their boldness in their interiors.

3 BHK Apartment interior in Jaipur

This modern yet traditionally rooted apartment in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur has all hearts. The blend of colors and textures gives this apartment a boho chic vibe. The charming approach for the designing in this project makes it aesthetically pleasing to watch. This interior is a masterpiece filled with the textured furnishings, modern decor pieces and subtle tones of colours, making it a perfect home for our clients’ parents. The rustic furniture with the colorful furnishings is the best part complimented with the accent chair. The wooden divider jeweled up with the accessories makes it more attractive topping it up with the traditional Pichwai art Wall hanging. This project has slayed the ethnic vibes of Jaipur’s local art taking it to another level, designed by the best interior designers in Jaipur.

A Collaborated Turnkey Interior Project

This project is a masterstroke designed as the epitome of the luxury and grandiose in real estate arena. The concept of functionality, comfortability, aestheticism perfectly infused in the living spaces makes this project a masterpiece in the high-end apartments. The Symphonia apartments channels a contemporary and the soothing feels plated with luxury. This project is a complete package made with love from the modular kitchen to the bedroom interior. The project includes everything from the lounge area to the club house, gym and the lobbies of the apartment. The area is designed to make the residents feel at home and comfortable.

The Modern Interior in Pune

This project is one of our top projects in Pune as it is a classic project which have our hearts as the customization and the needs of the client made it a very nice interior piece with a very good choice of colors and the combinations of house accessories. The classic blue sofa adds the perfect sophistication making it an inviting space and will make the host all praised by the relatives or the visitors. The classic hues of beige and gold adorns this living room making it the best place of the whole house. The interior experts have tried to give this project a touch of modernity with the eclectic designing styles. The coastal colors with the antique ceiling lamps make this project an ultimate piece of perfection.

INDESIGN by Fanusta aims at providing the best turnkey architectural and interior services to its clients without the hassle of moving from vendor to vendor to fulfil all your needs. Our design experts understand to your every need from functionality to designs and work towards creating the perfect home for you. These projects are a testimony of our clients’ trust in us and our commitment to provide the best turnkey experience to our clients.

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