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Do you know what is the latest trend home decoration going on these days globally? Traditional Home Decor with the coating of Indian handicraft product! Sounds interesting? Precisely, the home decor trend is a combination of antique and modern art, that doesn’t fade with time. Indian handicraft product offers you endless options to choose from, flooring to fabrics and furniture. It’s a creation that does the conversion of your home into a unique and magnificent style. Let’s figure out some of the unique and quirky ideas for traditional home decor. Here:

• Antiques: Filling in your pretty home space with so many antiques is a big NO. Time to make your style more attractive and elegant. The traditional classic style, porcelain urns, marble busts, blue pottery, antique furniture, corner table, etc are good options only if you end up in minimal sections. Not too many are required!

• Curtains: Displayed in a botanical, dynamic, or other magnificent print, full length blinds include a sparkle of surface, measurement, and shading. Prefer hanging them at a stay with tall-roofs into a split which ends up drawing the eye-upward for an elongating impact. What are your thoughts about this?

• Mirrors: Gilded mirrors, especially for those who are living in rental condos, wherein overlaid mirrors are inclined toward or held tightly on a divider offering a minor departure from unpredictable divider without any diet of development work. Like said, mirrors extend the extents of a room, thus, glowing the lavishness. For the collection, you can hop on to fanusta. They have got some of the magnificent collection of mirrors and other Indian handicraft product.

• Chandeliers: Starting the decor with crystal chandelier is such a pretty gesture in its own way. Nowadays, there are endless options available for lighting in the space, like lamps, lanterns, chandeliers, corner lights, etc. You can choose from bigger to smaller, for individuals who have less space to live in. For big living hall, to the kitchen; for bedroom to the dining hall! Everything sorted accordingly.

• Antique Furniture: How can we forget the best indian handicraft product ever? Antique handmade furniture. How about cane-backed chairs? Or corner tables? Adjusting a small portion of the style will lead to a feeling for contemptuousness. May be giving your space a formal look. Well, in the end the choice is all yours. You can also go for traditional furniture in a shading tone; the natural wood is a good option amongst the designers; if not this, then go for wooden moldings around the window, doors, mirror glass, etc. These days, leather sofas are also becoming a trendy style.

• Mid-tone: Choosing up mid-tones over bright and dark colors are one of the best choices of cool for traditional decor. Try to keep it both for walls and floor covers. Lighter hues, like a creme and light blue, will look pleasant and calm on your walls, and dark hues will be suited for the floors; this will balance the look.

• Eco-friendly Concept: Buying and using old furniture and antiques is good for the environment and also gives in motivation for the preservation of resources of the forest.

• Being Adaptable: The antique style is always versatile. You don’t need to be afraid of thought of boring and simple. In fact, you can add-on the zest to your rooms by incorporating the modern day fabric and art.

On That Note: Traditional decor theme facilitate and matches truly well. However, you get to discover this style online only at Fanusta. This will help you in choosing the best option for your space within your budget. Make sure you stick and choose admirably. Always remember, too much and whose arrangement of furniture is not required. Minimal decor works wonderfully.

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