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We all agree to the fact that the rich culture of Indian arts and crafts are something we are really proud of. And why not, the enrichment shows the integrity, love and, devotion towards the elements of being into the beautiful country INDIA. Raise your hands, if you agree with us. Now, the question is – Do we really care about the uncertain facts of ‘Indian Handicrafts’; do we bother the scrupulous contributions and efforts of our artisans? The product(s) that we buy is their dedication and hard work for keeping the authentic taste alive and the new designs and trends in mind all the time. Let’s turn around the tables and take you to the interesting facts about Indian Handicrafts; nevertheless, you will know why Indian Handicrafts are valued and renowned globally.

• Kancheepuram Saree from Chennai

Block Printing from Rajasthan

The famous silk saree’s also known as ‘Kancheepuram Saree’ of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, has talented legends that cannot be described in words. Basically, they are descendent of the Master Weaver of Gods, reason being, Lord Vishu loved this fabric. Each saree is woven from the mulberry silk and almost take somewhere around one good week to complete The most expensive saree named ‘Vivah Pattu’ was stated in Guinness Book; it was soled for the price of 39,31,627 INR. It took 4760 hours to design this saree. It was engraved with emerald, diamond, ruby, coral, topaz, and sapphire. What a beauty, isn’t it?

• Pashmina Shawls from Kashmi

Block Printing from Rajasthan

True to say that Pashmina wool is the purest form of wool that is available naturally and is only found in Himalayan territories. However, it took 4 good years for a Capra (the Hircus sheep) to grow up so that it can give its hair to the weaving of Pashmina Shawl. The Pashmina wool absorbs more quantity of water as compared to the ordinary wool. The fact is – If the pashmina shawl passes through a ring, then it is an original Pashmina. Ever tried?

• Dhokra Art from Chhattisgarh

Patina Finish Triangle Dhokra Wall Hanging

This beautiful art was founded 5000 years back by the tribal people of Chattisgarh. It takes almost 6 to 8 months for completing one Dhokra product and this is the vital reason why the makers don’t take orders in bulk. This art is made only in one single dimension, design and shape; all the natural products are used such as: brass, cow dung, river bed clay, and bee wax. Also, the ‘Dancing Girl’ of Mohen-jo-Daro is one of the inventions of Dhokra Arts found in the era of 6000 BCE.

• Block Printing from Rajasthan

Block Printing from Rajasthan
Block Printing from Rajasthan

How can we forget this beautiful piece of art that has been into the world for last three centuries. The designs are engraved on the wooden blocks and the ink color used if the vegetable color. No harmful chemicals and single block have only one color to the most. The Chippa community is taking care of this versatile art. It nearly takes one week or so to complete one slot. As we know, patience is required for amazing results.

The Traditional Note: Such a proud moment to be part of beautiful art and craft. But, sometimes you cannot visit each place to buy the art piece, so the better option to all this is buying Indian Handicrafts Online. However, shopping Indian handicraft online is the economical way to get hold of all your favorite art in a single click. Still looking? Get your clicks on the gorgeous handicrafts online from Fanusta and start drooling over your Indian Culture.

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