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Wood has always been the go-to material for all interior designers since the sustainability wave started. We can still see the great usage of wood in the old heritage places of our country which inspire Indian as well as world interior trends. For the year 2021, Wood has been predicted as the trending material of the year. Nowadays, people change their mindset according to the trend and the requirements balanced with the scarcity by shifting their needs in a positive direction, wood has emerged greatly as a dominant material in the field of interiors. The sustainability of wood is highly trusted by the people and most importantly, wood contains a positive energy which affects the ambience of our homes creating a relaxing effect.

The trend towards natural materials is increasing tremendously. Wood is the only raw material in interiors that can be incorporated in every corner of your home be it your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or any outdoor area. It is the only material which can be carved into any shape or design wanted and also can be finished in any texture. Fanusta provides you with the best interior designing services in Jaipur working with custom-made furniture online to provide you with premium services at your doorsteps. Let us see some of the ways in which we can infuse wood into our home interiors and renovations!!

Give your Kitchen Interior a wooden touch

Being a versatile material, wood can be used in the interiors as well as exterior and as a design element which will complement every style. Kitchen is the main space in our homes where most of our time is spent. Create a look for your kitchen that will sustain years with reclaimed and refinished wood which can be used in doors, windows, flooring, ceiling beams, and as a decorative accent almost anywhere. Wooden cabinets can enhance any kitchen by providing just a right amount of style and texture. Modern kitchen features wooden cabinets that place emphasis on the beauty of the natural wood by eliminating the finishes and stains that can detract from the original texture and color of the wood. So, style up your kitchen with the right amount of wood interiors and and create a chic and modern cooking space for your family. Fanusta brings to you the best modular kitchen design services in Jaipur to customise your kitchen according to your needs

Wood crafted beauty of your bedroom interiors

Whether you like the furniture to be styled with smooth, clear lines, or intricate carvings , there’s nothing that brings out the effects better than wood. Bedroom is the only place where the perfect use of wood is carved out. As we cannot imagine the things around us in a room without wood. Be it your comfortable bed, or the side tables or even the cupboard; wood seems like an integral part of everything around. Fanusta brings you a range of wooden furniture that will increase the aesthetics of your room and will make it shine out brighter.

Apart from the bedroom furniture, there are so many interesting ways in which wood can be used in your bedroom interiors. You can give a touch of the wood on the ceiling, create an interesting pattern on the walls or give a wooden touch to your window sill. Creating a modern space through our online interior design services is easy and accessible. So, grab the opportunity to style your home with the best interior store in Jaipur.

Create your living room interiors with the material in trend

A living room is where all the excitement happens, where most of your time is spent with your close ones. Living room is said to be the first place of your home accessible to the family members as well as the guests. So, every person aims to create a living room space that attracts the attention of their visitors and receive all the acclaim. As wood is considered a good source of positivity and every living room design aim to achieve a sense of belongingness, it is a must have in your interiors. You can also choose from a range of wooden custom made furniture online to add the warmth in your space.

While designing the living space, you can give a creative outlook to your room with a wooden wall shelf which becomes the center of attraction for your guests. So, personalize your living room with Fanusta, the best interior designing services in Jaipur.

Introducing wood in your bathroom interiors

The space to calm out our day is the space our day starts and ends with. A bathroom accessorized with wooden accessories is the best interior nowadays in the designing world as wood is so in trend. Whether it’s about the dressing room cabinets or the flooring, wood is out shined as the best option to enhance your bathroom interiors. Wooden veneers complimented with the stone tiles is the best combination. Fanusta brings to you the best bathroom interior designs that will light up your day and your home. And what can be better than giving it a natural look like woods.

Incorporating wood in your interiors, whether through panelling, flooring, separating walls, furniture, lighting or decorating materials; will always satisfy your need to look stylish as the raw look of the wooden accents will amp up the space to the right amount. The trend nowadays is getting more and more towards wood as it’s quality best suits the environment too by harming the least and it can be reused in many ways.

Get the best experience of designing your home with trending interiors with Fanusta designing services. Our furniture store in Jaipur is a whole lot of another experience with the hand carved furniture crafted by our local artisans work ing tirelessly day and night to provide you with the rich experience of our culture with modern designs. Book your free consultation today with our designers and get your beautiful home designed in modern trends.

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