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When it comes to decorating home before guests drop by, we think of updating our living room and bedroom to create an inviting and welcoming space for our guests. But what we often forget is, that bathroomdecor, like any other room, is an integral part of home décor to make a first good impression. We use bathroom every day, hence, its cleanliness and appearance is important.

The ambience of the bathroom can go a long way in uplifting the mood and making your guests feel at home. From the color of the tiles, wall art, mirror to every little decoration item can enhance the look and feel of the bathroom.

Matching chic bathroomaccessories to bring the overall look of the bathroom together and creating a theme that adds an aesthetic appeal. Towel racks, soap dishes, trash cans, toothbrush holders or tray is all you need to keep your bathroom stylish and functional. Here’s a quick round-up of decoration accents cum bathroom essentials-

Cotton Canisters- Keep everything from cotton balls, swabs to hair pins organized in your bathroom with handmade pottery canisters comes with nesting lids. These containers are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Toothbrush Holder- Hold your brushes and toothpaste in pottery holder to keep everything organized in a stylish way.

Soap Dispenser- One of the most functional items for your bathroom, a soap dispenser helps store liquid soap in an attractive way. Choose from dispensers in on-trend marble, clear glass, ceramic and other contemporary materials.

Soap Dish- Similar to a soap dispenser, a soap dish keeps bar soap neatly organized and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Look for a soap dish that matches your soap dispenser and other bathroom accessories.

Fanusta Blue Pottery Soap Dish

Vanity Tray- Foreveryday essentials like lotion, body mist and shower gel, a handmade tray is a perfect pick to help keep the clutter off the counter. You can also add a small arrangement of flowers to the tray for a chic decor.

Fanusta Blue Pottery Vanity Tray

Candles and Aroma- A candle is a great way to keep the space smelling fresh. You can group your favorite scented candles, aroma jar and pillar candles beside the basin to add interest and amp up the style game in your bathroom.

Fanusta Blue Pottery Aroma Diffuser

Wall Hook- Why to stare at boring, unadorned walls? Decorative wall hook create space for your towel and clothes while adding character to plain tile walls.

Other than these, a plant is an easy must-have piece for your bathroom décor. It is an inexpensive way to refresh bathroom as it not only enhance the ambience but bring in the fresh outdoor breeze.

Fanusta Bathroom Decor

Discover Fanusta’sexquisite bath collection for bathroom decor ideas. Malhaar-hand-crafted by the artist of Jaipur, celebrates the joyous mood, fresh breeze of color and energy that accompanies rain through these handmade pottery pieces. Just like the rain paints a fresh picture in the sky, each hand-painted piece evoke the feeling of love and joy associated with monsoon. This ensemble includes toothbrush holder, tissue holder, cotton jar, candle jar, aroma diffuser, potpourri tray, vanity tray, wall hook, soap dish and dispenser. Explore now!

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