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As always and with proud we all can commit to one common thing – The Culture of India refers collectively to the endless of unique, gorgeous and distinct cultures of all communities and religions present in India. India’s religions, languages, food, music, dance, customs, and architecture differs from places within the country, often declared as an amalgamation of different cultures which has been influenced by the history that can never go old. According to the quote – Old is Gold!

The History that is Forever!

The rich heritage is something that can’t be ignored at any generation, right? Let’s turn the table and get back to the time of Indus Valley Civilization wherein we find an excellence touch of rich craft tradition in the field of sculpture, weaving, jewelry, pottery, craft, and much more. In the Vedic age, we find artisans involved in weaving, pottery making, wood craft, etc. Not only this, the Medieval period flourished in the field of wood carving, pottery, jewelry making, etc, taking care of all this, the Mughals introduced methods like glass engraving, enameling, carpet weaving to uplift a rich heritage. This all sounds interesting and refreshing all-together. Not to forget, places like Rajasthan, Gujarat, U.P and much more states are famous for their handicrafts and for being artistic. Indian handicrafts like Jaipur Blue Pottery, handmade photo frames made with Sanganeri Print Fabric cover or Block Printing, marble showpiece from Kishangarh, and many more Indian crafts that are imbued with Indian heritage can be found in Rajasthan. U.P. has its own charming crafts to offer like metal handicraft items with intricate detailing. The Indian tradition and culture goes deep down in their roots.

As we know, the rich culture of Indian handicraft is grown rapidly all over the world; foreigners are now considered as the frequent buyers when it’s about hand-made products. Of course, they are unique in their own way. Anyways, what is your favorite pick if you wish to present handicraft product(s) to your loved one?

What is so Good about Indian Handicrafts? We usually Crave for what all Gifts?

Handicrafts are quirky and unique in its own way that dedicatedly represents the tradition, heritage, identity and culture of a country. You can say it’s one of the important productive sectors in the industry. Indian handicrafts online can be aesthetic, creative, decorative, traditional, religiously, artistic, and significant.

Being Individualistic and Creative

Every handicraft item is a gorgeous creation and is created with an idea by an individual which makes it individualistic and creative. The best part is, handicraft products are not only bought in India, but they are also exported globally too. We always want that people should know the diversity of our Indian culture, isn’t it? Indian gift items or handmade gifts especially traditional handicrafts are also loved world-wide.

A Beautiful Story to Remember

Fanusta is playing a key role since 2016 by bringing the everlasting Indian culture of Handicraft and Tradition by showcasing handicraft products, artistic touch through craft, the magic of pottery, gorgeous and well-defined home decor, and much more to drool for! To give it a shot, Fanusta is helping numerous artisans by gathering and buying their products and selling them further through the best platform. This is simply helping artisans to earn their living and maintain their standards and not to forget, promoting their work among many people. Working with more than 70 masters, Fanusta brings gorgeous art and decor for commercial, household, hotels, and corporate properties. It offers the best ways to create beautiful home decoration.

Fanusta offers an exclusive range of wall art, handmade furniture, home decor, lighting, paintings, and home fragrance. There is no illusion of any middleman involved whilst shopping. Everything is justified! The cultural and economic importance is reliably taken care with the best efforts ever!

The Gateway of Visitors

Not to forget, handicraft have the charm to attract millions of customers and this is the reason people visit India to glaze the gorgeous magic of Indian handcrafts and also appreciate the hard-work and dedication covered by the artisans. This tourism day, let’s celebrate the vintage of handcrafted products and shower our talent to the world.

Made with Love from India: Preserving the knowledge and skills of traditional art and craft is a growing challenge. Therefore, it is high time that all the art forms are revived and awareness is spread to every space. Let’s move towards the world where handicraft products are given respect and the artisans are also getting the recognition for the skills which they truly deserve. So, when are you buying handcrafted gifts for your home or loved ones? The collection is endless and charming.

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