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Modular Kitchen has become one of the important aspects of home decoration in the modern interior designing. There are a lot of options when it comes to kitchen designing but to create a seamless, sophisticated space, we must keep in mind the latest trends in the decoration of modular kitchens.

We look at the past for our inspirations and depict the trends of the future. Designs trends always seem to evolve year after year and home modular kitchen is not a stranger to that. After researching thoroughly, we bring to you design trends which will be popular in 2021. Adopt these trends into your latest modular kitchen designs and design the perfect functional, ergonomic and sustainable kitchen.

2024 is all about environment friendliness and sustainable choices, with inclusion of nature into the design elements. This season will look at finding a balance between nature and technologies.


This design trend is going to prevail over all spatial interiors. As it promotes sustainable choice, many designers have adopted this design style into their spaces. The latest modular kitchen designs will be clutter free and promote functionality without unnecessary details.

Accessorized with less kitchen furniture and decor items, designers will now aim at making spacious, sleek and calm kitchen interiors. These kitchen will be your serene abode and the act of cooking will be more artistic and sophisticated.

Environment friendly

As the world is moving towards sustainable choices, our living spaces are also adopting more nature friendly methods. Designers are being conscious about the planet’s well being and choosing materials and finish that are less harmful.

The new kitchens will have more of the nature in them. From textures to colours to decor elements, they will draw inspiration from mother nature. Addition of natural plants into the kitchen will be an ongoing trend as it not only draws the kitchen nearer to the nature but also adds freshness and brightness. Few of the best modular kitchen by Fanusta has been designed drawing inspiration from nature.

Kitchen Style for 2024

The interior designing sphere is an ever changing


A favourite for most homeowners, this modular kitchen style gives the most luxurious feel to the kitchen. Suitable for large spaces, this trend has completely infused itself with other styles. You can design L-shaped kitchen with an island as well as a U shape designed kitchen with an island, this design style will not disappoint.

Kitchen has now changed from a cooking space to a family space, where everybody wants to be involved. An island modular kitchen allows for families to cook and eat together within the same space.


From strictly being a functional space, usually staked on the back of the home, the kitchen has become an attractive premise located at the heart of the house composition. As time proceeds, people want kitchen to be an active part of their homes due which Open kitchens are gaining popularity day by day.

An open kitchen can make the space look spacious along with the practical benefits of free movement between the kitchen space and other parts of the house. This design style is one of the best modular kitchen by Fanusta, providing a stylish, sophisticated look to the entire house.

Colour Trends

This year the kitchens are going to be filled with luxurious colours. Although white remains the timeless classic for kitchen interiors, a few more colours make their way for an intense and deep synergy.

The Blue Takeover

The deep and complex shades of the blue are going to takeover the sophisticated black this year. The lighter shades will be used mixing with the white while the dark shades will be used the achieve the dramatic minimalism in the kitchen interiors.

Introducing Greens

As this year strives for an eco-friendly approach in the interior space, green in all its shades will be the definite colour trend of the year. From the aristocratic and dramatic grey-green to the simpler hues like pistachio and pastel greens, this colour can be used with the classic white and black to give a creative edge to the sophisticated kitchens.

Timeless Naturals

This year is going to be very close to the nature. Natural hues along with white will rule all design style and spaces. Giving your kitchen a warm cosy feeling, we see this colour palette ruling the design space for a long time. Colours like terracotta and more earthly hues can be mixed to get a dainty interior.

Material in Trend


The gourmet look that marble gives to a kitchen countertop cannot be denied and if aligned with natural wood cabinets, it gives the most exciting look to your kitchen space. Being the most striking representative of the nature along with wood, marble can fins its use even in the most simpler designs.


Making a comeback into the kitchen spaces, glass will make your place look spacious and bright. It adds the lightness and airiness to your modular kitchen. Many manufacturers of modular kitchen in Jaipur have agreed to a rise in demand of elements of glass into the cooking spaces especially glass decor and canopy rooftops.

Natural Wood

As this year is all about making sustainable choices and getting closer to the nature. The interior spaces will also reflect the same philosophy. Natural wood is going to be the prime material this year. From furniture to countertops and cabinets, everything can be made from natural wood.



The matte surfaces are gradually taking over the glossy, shiny surfaces. As this year is striving for minimalistic designs, matte surfaces gives the perfect desired feel. These also avoid the disadvantages of the glossy surfaces like the clearly visible grease marks or extreme murkiness.

Mix up textures

The latest modular kitchen designs see a mixing up of textures and finishes such as glass, bronze, marble and wood to create a raw and warm dynamic between these natural finishes. To create an eclectic mix from these finishes, designers will draw focus onto one by placing it in stark difference from one another.

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