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Wow! You have got the right rug, amazing furniture, your place has enough light, everything looks just like a fairy tale, but still, something is missing. You already know the answer – Your walls are bare and lonely. The colors and furniture are not good enough to make your room lively. Basically, this is common, and a bit annoying, serious issue with almost every home. But as usual, we are here for the rescue – Gorgeous Wall Art! Whether you have large or small space to work on, the magic of wall art can be a good way out to make your space glow and filled. Before deciding the wall decor, make sure you know the type of look you want for the walls – Classic, modern or vintage. Nowadays, there are different kinds of wall art for living rooms or you can also opt for some wall hanging ideas, and what not! If you want a bit of everything, then there are some contemporary options that will provide your wall with a classic, and also a bit of an eclectic mix of all the styles over the last decades. Sounds, interesting?

To the most, given below are a few ideas wherein you can pamper your walls, read on:

• Photographs: This type of decor is adorned since the time of ancient. Enlarging kingdom with the photos of their fore-fathers and generations. However, what has changed presently are the style and frames. The majority of people are getting bolder in their scale and choices. Instead of placing framed photos; you can now see the majority of people covering the wall with a photo of themselves or their family or children. Choices do make a difference!

• Paintings: This admirable type of wall decor can take numerous shapes and moreover reflect the taste of household. Depending upon the choice, it can either be a traditional Mughal court or a modern abstract done on silk. As we know, India is rich in choices when it comes to the version of the paintings since every region has its own design, colors, and style. If you are not amazed by the ready-made paintings, you can prefer doing with your own. There are numerous wall paintings ideas for home available on the internet. We know the question coming to your mind – How to do wall painting design by yourself? Don’t worry, keep trying unless you succeed. Or you can glance at our painting collection(s) for your wall. You can thank us later!

Rajasthani Miniature Watercolor Painting
Rajasthani Watercolor Painting
Rouge Acrylic Painting
Rouge Acrylic Painting
Rajasthani Miniature Wall Art Painting
Rajasthani Miniature Wall Art Painting of Lady in Garden on Cloth
Blue and White Wall Clock
Blue and White Wall Clock

On That Note: We truly understand the effort you are looking to parcel the walls. Surprisingly, we are having some of the gorgeous wall elements that can make them look attractive and gorgeous. If you are looking for a handicraft wall clock or some of the unique wall clocks online, then, we are too good to be true. Come on, take a look and hit the SHOP NOW button.


Thanks for reading!

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