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The creative things that you hang on your walls always end up telling a story of who exactly you are and what taste you are carrying. Leaving your walls blank will give you the feeling like you are residing in a hotel or something. Bringing the right piece of wall hanging decor, art, photos, and you will end up in having a gorgeous once of personality and culture. Let’s get started with some of the tempting handmade wall decor ideas, take a look:

• The Thumb Rule: For what so ever reason, the majority of people always ends up in making a mistake of hanging decor and art too high. Museum curators and gallery owners, although, the promise by the ‘60s inches on center rule’. This somehow means that you should measure up 60 inches from the touching ground to find the sport where the center art piece should be hanged on the wall. Although, this experiment works in many situation, but there are a few cases where you might need to be little calculative about handing wall decor. If you are deciding to hang art above the furniture, try to leave between 3-8 inches of space above the table of a sofa. Out of the statement, if you are searching something classy for your living room, then why don’t you try for our favorite peacock wall decor? The colors will surely enhance the wall and also, will bring in good vibes.

• The Statement Look: filling in the large space will be the task of intimidating, and one of the economical ways to decorate the wall. This can be a large scale fine art photograph or an original painting or the versatile Rajasthani decoration on walls, so take out the time to either visit the galleries, find the work, meet artists, or you can sit back, relax and explore our wall decor collection such as: Antonia antique iron plate wall art, palm tree iron wall art, human figures wall hanging decor, iron scooter wall hanging decor, pink check pattern decorative plate wall art, umbrella tops iron wall hanging decor, and what not! The collection says it all!

• Gallery Wall: One of our personal favorite living room decor elements is the gallery wall, which is truly the fun way to fill-in the space whilst showing off an entire collection of all your favorite things. Make sure you consider each and every decor piece in such a way, they end up in playing at their best. There are two different ways wherein you can create the gallery wall; first, try to gather everything you want on the wall and later on plan it accordingly, at times you can add things; secondly, start with dominant piece, a central, hang in the middle, and then mix the rest of the items around it over time. No matter what method you choose, try to avoid a boring grid pattern and start with the mix-matching concept. A textile, art piece, a mirror – are all the best way of making the wall talk. Prefer going for rectangular and square art and photos.

To Conclude: Using these gorgeous wall decor ways at your home will help in keeping yourself virtually engaged in your own space and simultaneously, will help in consideration of your visitors through your experiences, loves, and interests. Out of the grind, if you are looking for home decor ideas, especially in India, you know where you need to scroll down the collection. Also, don’t forget to check out our latest metallic elements for your space. You are free to hit the shop now button.

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