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There are endless things and some itsy-bitsy that fills our cozy homes, thus making our lives livable and rocking. Some are fashionable; some are functional, and there are a few things that cannot complete your home no matter how you decorate. ‘Mirrors’ are one of those things. We all have in our place, and we also know that without them, we won’t be able to do little things. Nevertheless, mirrors are the best way to open up any space, using its reflection to make a room look a bit larger than it’s actual space. Decorative mirrors for living room is such a gorgeous feeling in terms of interiors and look. Who all agree with us? Apart from having fun in decorating the mirrors, they also become the limelight for your place. However, there are several ways wherein you can do awesome things in your home with mirrors and unique wall clocks. The dual concept! Read mode ON:

• Geometric Statement Mirror: Whilst choosing a mirror for your room, don’t be cramped in your choice to rectangular, curly, or round that flourishes around the edges. They all will look gorgeous and probably work in every set-up of your room. But, don’t be afraid to choose anything bolder; this type of mirror shows up that you are the boss of this room. If we talk about the color, you can opt for a gold large border in a geometric pattern – The Swag!

Iron Framed Hexagonal Mirror
Iron Framed Hexagonal Mirror

• Oversized Mirrors: If you are after the reflection, then grab it as much as you can. This ornamentally and massive framed mirror works on every level. Apart from giving you the glance of your look, it also opens up your room perfectly, thus giving more space.

Nouveau Golden Mirror

• The More – The Merrier: When it’s about a mirror, we prefer sticking to one. But why stop then and there? Show some guts and start mix-matching your wall with mirrors. You can say – The Mirror Gallery!

Golden Iron Framed Round Mirror

• Bathroom Mirror Wall: Every bathroom has a mirror over the sink, Right? But, a mirror behind the tub will create a unique statement. Prefer combining with a freestanding tub, elegant chandelier, and handcrafted wall clock. What a charm!

• Mirror Pendants: We know that mirrors are considered as a functional piece, especially at your home. You don’t need to end here; keep the magic of mirror alive and fashionable. Not only this, you can also decorate your living room with wall clock. Nowadays, there are numerous home decor wall clocks available. You cannot afford to miss our collection. Gorgeous as usual!

• Colored Mirror: We usually think of placing mirror in the best possible way, but what if the color is involved? If not, you can shower a bit of your creativity by painting the edges or the corners. For example: You can mix and match the orange and yellow color and give it a shot on the border; it will give an eclectic and a modern look, thus making the room look interesting.

Green Sculptural Table Mirror
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