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Pottery has been the beautiful part of human history for decades. It has contributed a lot to the development in terms of the human race. However, the foremost pottery pieces were dated back 25000 years ago in the making; since then, pottery played a vital role in the history and never forgotten since then. Believe it or not, we all still love to do pottery no matter what the age is, right? Making pots out of the pottery concept is a victory, no matter how bad you are in the art.

The next concept on the grind was the introduction of Blue Pottery. Now, the question we all have in our mind:

What is Blue Pottery?

The name Blue Pottery comes from the Persian blue color dye which is specifically used for adorning the product(s), and every single piece is hand-painted. This significant art of blue pottery making comprises of Egyptian dough and paste obtained by crooking the powered glass, Fuller’s Earth also known as Multani Mitti, borax, quartz stone powder, water, and gum. There is no usage of clay and is glazed on the low fire temperature and hence becomes very brittle and fragile. The magic of blue pottery is featured by a ‘semi-transparent’ character which is decorated with motifs of animals and birds and is also used in making of products like coasters, small bowls, vases, boxes for jewelry, and ashtrays; although, at first it was used to make pots, urns, and jars. Once, this beautiful talent was initiated and simultaneously Mughals started to employ, this concept slowly came into the existence in Kashmir too. Later on, it entered in Delhi and finally was adopted by the artisans of Jaipur forever.


The art of Blue Pottery is the technique which is made without the urge of clay; materials used are: powered glass, borax, quartz stone powder, Multani mitti, water, and gum; moreover, these were imported with the technique of Chinese and Persian arts. Interesting, Right? Although, it can be broken down easily if not taken care, otherwise, this is the gorgeous invasion ever. Blue Pottery patterns became one of the precious moments and hub for the pink city and till date, this tradition is up-to the mark. The possibility of making the replicas is very less as you can easily figure it out which is original and which is replica. The making of the single product takes around 15-20 days which is why it is expensive, tedious and time-consuming. But, keeping everything aside, people ought to buy this beauty at every cost.

What Else in the Kitty:

According to the survey, the artisans have now started with some different concept in the name of blue pottery such as: cylindrical jars, flower vases, small bowls, lamp stands, plates, mirror frames, coasters, hangers, soap dishes, tea sets, and what not to miss! If you wish to buy, make sure you specifically know trustworthy and talented blue pottery manufacturers in Jaipur.

Fanusta is proud to gather some gorgeous collection(s) in terms of everything you are looking for your place, gifting purposes or anything personal. Explore our range in myriad of colors and patterns and fill in your shopping cart.

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