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Since the COVID-19 entered our lives, a lot has changed. Most of our movement is restricted and even our office has shifted to our homes. Most of us have had a tough time, adjusting to the new Work from Home culture. Working remotely has many challenges such as being confined to your bed or battling over a designated couch. One thing that has helped us overcome the problems of working from home is to have the perfect Work from Home setup. This can be the perfect opportunity to model the ideal home office you have always dreamt of!

We have introduced 3 handcrafted and wood based Work from Home furniture ranges to suit your own style and space. Not only are these designs flatpack and highly functional but also very modern and cost effective.

• Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Give a trendy accent to your walls with this contemporary wall mural. The mural shows an abstract elephant face made with the use of jute rope and coloured wood on a hard board base, further painted in oil colours. The base is coloured in ochre and detailed with an irregular black border. This handmade home décor is framed in wood and perfectly serves the purpose of adding a touch of handmade decorative item to your space.

• Tile Hook

Tile Hook

For those who are longing to lay in Mother Nature’s lap and add some outdoor inspiration to their handmade home décor collection, bring in this enchanting Blue Pottery Wall Hook, meticulously crafted and painted by hand. It brings an aesthetic appeal that will never go out of style. Create inspiring and inviting interior with this Tile Hook which offers a modern refreshing perspective to wall decor with its casual, soothing vibes and hang your everyday essentials in style.

• Handmade Wooden Photo Frame

Handmade Wooden Photo Frame

Add on a vintage touch to your memories with this antique finish wooden frame. Give an artistic touch by creating a timeless photo display on your side table or wall through this old-fangled home décor artefact. This not only serves in treasuring your time but also fits well for a personalised gift to your loved ones.

• Floral Painting

Floral Painting

A perfect fit for all the nature lovers, this beautiful handmade decoration art work shows the delicacy and beauty of nature by representing it through flowers painted in shades of pink to show depth and highlight the curves of the petals, shaping the bloom of the flower. Adding on to the charm of the painting the artist has highlighted with light borders around the flower and carefully used hints of white and yellow that help in defining the image. The earthy background compliments very well with the flowers giving it a lively yet subtle look giving a refreshing look to your space. The painting is made on cotton cloth using acrylics as the medium.

• Leaf Shaped Wall Mirror

Leaf Shaped Wall Mirror

Reflect your beauty from our leaf shaped wall mirror that not only serves the purpose of a mirror but also adorns the wall with a minimalist-meets-modern feel. The elegant look accented with an iron frame in rustic finish compliments as the perfect hand-crafted home décor item. This beautiful wall mirror will make quiet a statement above a console or next to a wooden or fabric bench on the entryway.

• Pink Patina Wall Hanging

Pink Patina Wall Hanging

Add a new layer of character to any room by adding this handmade decoration idea. The rustic looking floral wall décor with the richness of distressed iron patina finish and accessorized with a small golden flower in the centre is a perfect chic addition to your wall. A home creation of our Indian artisans this patina wall hanging not only will accent your walls but also add a quirky look to them.

• Peacock Wall Hanging

Peacock Wall Hanging

Define your walls with the charming yet sophisticated look of India’s national bird through this hand crafted wall décor in iron. The spiral look depicting the feathers add on to a more contemporary accent in regards with the peacock and its elegance, the golden spheres on the ends of the spokes give a more royal look serving perfectly as a hand-made home decoration idea for your house.

You can find many other wall decor options in your budget at Browse through Fanusta’s range of wall art, Rajasthani Paintings, Miniature Art, wall mirrors and murals, and other wall hanging decor to add style to your home.

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