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We are all missing the summer vibes and mesmerising beauty of the beaches. All our 2020 plans have been washed away in the waves of the pandemic and we long to feel the splash of sea on us. Don’t despair, we have got you covered for all year long.

Our home interior designers in Jaipur have listed down five of their favourite ideas to bring the summer beaches to your homes. Incorporate these ideas and experience a total shift in the vibes of your home. Bring out your beach hats and sunshades out, these will surely take you onto a tropical ride!!

• Add a Tropical Wallpaper

If you want to go all in, add an exotic botanical wallpaper to your room and get on with the summery vibes. Green tropical motifs add a calm, comfortable feel to the space. You can add black or any dark coloured furniture to bring a touch of luxury and not feel overwhelmed.


Paint a Corner

Create a corner in your room or your balcony with hand-painted plants and grass motives and little flowers here and there. It adds fun and freshness to the space, making it lively and colourful. Contrast it with a neutral tropical decor items like a cane chair or a rattan swing to complete the feel of the beach.

• Include Tropical Print Furnishing

Another great way to create a modern tropical interior is by styling up your bed with tropical bedsheets or putting up printed curtains in your room for an exotic beachy feel. You can opt an all green theme or mix colours as you need which will definitely brighten up the space.

• Incorporate Natural Tones

The tropics aren’t only about vibrant and colourful motifs, you can also infuse natural hues and mate-rial to get a soothing and calming tropical feel and just move your way into a year long vacation. Style up with cane or rattan furniture and add simple, undyed fabrics and textiles to get a minimal and mod-ern yet tropical feel.

• Add Real Plants

How can we forget the best way to bring the tropics to our homes, Plants!!! Place a lot of real plants and flower pots around your house to get on with a year long celebration of summer. You can also design a wall with succulents which are very low on maintenance and high on aesthetic for your new tropical interiors.

Whichever way you want to style your home, there is always a tropical design that you can incorpo-rate. You don’t need a private island to feel the calm of beaches and seas, you can just turn your home around into one. Indesign by Fanusta can make this process fast, convenient and easy as we have got everything from flooring to decor to furnishings covered under one roof.

Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, our interior designers in Jaipur have got a design theme for you. If you are looking for home renovations and or other interior design inspirations, Inde-sign by Fanusta is the one stop destination for you. Visit our page on Instagram or book your free de-sign consultation at You can also call +91 97650000056.

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