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The artisans and craftsmen in India form the second largest work-force after Agriculture. And they are among the people worst affected due to unprecedented disruption in business and shortage of cash flows. The artisans are out of money and struggling for subsistence. They are in need of sustained assistance for subsistence.

‘Keep the Wheel Rolling’ is an initiative by House of Fanusta to provide sustainable livelihoods to artisans by creating new avenues for them. To cater to the need of the hour, we have diversified towards making Reusable Masks, Hand & Surface Sanitizers, and Tissues.

To extend your support, get a HSW (Health Safety Welfare) Kit which is essential for you and your family or buy functional handicrafts by local craftspeople. Even your small contribution can make a big difference in their lives. Every unit counts!

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Nemichand Ji

Pottery Artist

48 year-old Nemi Chand Prajapat started translating the magic of his hands on wheel 25 years ago. Hailing from a small village called Ramgarh in Alwar, he today work in a quaint workshop in Bagru filled with earthen-ware wonders. Having grown up surrounded and admiring the art of terracotta, Mukesh(son of Nemichand) joined him with the aim to take the age-old craft of terracotta pottery forward by innovating and experimenting in collaboration with House of Fanusta.

Vandita Vijayvergiya

Ceramic Artist

A Craft Entrepreneur who works with a team of craftsmen to create beautifulstoneware ceramics in the form of table ware, figurines, kitchenware, lamps, pots and much more. She believes each piece of craft is a personalized expression of design.

Jaki Mohammad

Handmade Paper Artist

An artist of Kaagzi community of Sanganer has kept the traditional art and age-old skill of handmade paper making alive. He utilizes discarded paper and textile which are recycled into unique handmade paper diaries, carry bags, boxes, photo frames and more.

Puran Sharma

Miniature Painting Artist

He heads a team of 7 artists to create the magnificent Rajasthani painted artforms on different mediums which include paper, silk, canvas and marble.Born and living in Udaipur, he has been practicing miniature painting styleslike Ragmala, enchanting narratives of Kings, and many more since past 30 years. In collaboration with House of Fanusta, he has created some contemporary paintings like miniature vintage vehicles.

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