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Marble is the new defining item in interior. It injects personality to your interior and adds a lovely backdrop to your space, also maintaining durability being a very low maintenance material. With sustainability as the theme of 2021, marble will be seen everywhere from interiors to decor and furniture. Fanusta’s interior design services in Jaipur provide you with a wide range of options to incorporate marble in your interior. Let’s look at some of the ways to incorporate marble into our home interior.

The color theory of marbles

People are stepping their game up with where and to what extent they are using the marble in their houses. However, they are also experimenting with the colours of the material. Apart from the classic white, black marble has also gained a lot of popularity in the interior designing arena. Bountifully, there is a long list of the marble colors that can be incorporated to the interiors but each color cannot go the best with every interior as there are many aspects to be considered while choosing the right marble for your living spaces. Fanusta has some of the top interior designers in Jaipur who have studied the different colors and the ways to use them perfectly with your own interior style.

White Marble

White is the evergreen color that every person falls for so easily. Priced for its beauty and the translucent qualities the white marble has been winning hearts in the market of interiors for a long time. It is the ideal piece for the countertops, bar tops and the flooring options.

Pink Marble

With its exclusive quality of quirkiness as well as the exotic beauty, this stone is known as the Aravalli pink stone. Its pink patches make it different from all other stones and give a royal look to the homes. It is vastly used in the interiors of the traditional vintage hotels and restaurants. House of Fanusta- Furniture store in Jaipur has a wide variety of furniture available for this marble.

Brown Marble

With its difficulty to properly inculcate it into the interiors, it is the best quality marble for the wood lovers being the reminiscent of the forest. It has multiple uses due to its appearance which is so unique, if styled properly, it can transform the look of the entire interior.

Black Marble

Also known as Dhari black marble, it is the best combination for the people who loves giving the interior a retro vibe of black and white. It gives your home a classy look that you will strive for. Due to its look, it is vastly used in bathroom interiors and the backsplashes.

Marble flooring for Interiors

With the changing trends, marble has taken a great turn in interiors nowadays. It is a very versatile material and can be used at multiple places. Marble gives you the freedom to infuse luxury in your interior as its royal and sophisticated looks come at affordable prices. You can create amazing flooring for your space with marble. Not only will it look beautiful but also make the space look bigger. Marble is a timeless and elegant choice for flooring that compliments the interior while adding an extraordinary charm to the overall outlook. The interior design services in Jaipur by Fanusta has created beautiful interiors using this new breathtaking trend that it changing the definitions of interiors and can be moulded in many different ways according to the needs of the interiors.

Marble Walls for the Living room

What is the most impressive is the entire wall consisting of only marble. You really don’t need to decorate it much more if you have the entire wall dedicated to the white marble. While this option can be the centerpiece of a living room, it can also transform the master bedroom or bathroom into a work of art. You can also spice up your living room interior with just the right accent furniture piece made in marble.

Richening up the kitchen interior

Give your kitchen a rich look with white marbles. Backsplashes are especially trendy marble accents, and really it does make sense. While it clearly looks stunning in the kitchen interiors, marble is a really easy surface to wipe clean along with being beautiful and functional! The best way to incorporate marble in your Kitchens is through countertops that look stellar in the white marble finish. To give an extra edge to your kitchen, you can create dining seats with marble tops that matches your countertop designs. Our modular kitchen in Jaipur provide you with the wide range of options to indulge in this new trend of marble and glow up your area.

Minimal Bathroom Interior with Marble

A classic all-marble set up is the zenith of bathroom styling. It’s a great way to maintain a comfortable temperature after a steamy bath or shower and looks practically celestial. It gives your bathroom interior a minimal style and with the correct accessories, an all marble bathroom can be a wonderful treat to eyes. You can also opt for using it for the bathroom accents only. Being one of the top interior designers in Jaipur, we have created ecstatic interiors for bathroom in marble which have made an everlasting impact.

Marble up your furniture

Marble furniture is yet another beautiful piece of art which has become an all time favourite for all the décor lovers. So, don’t be afraid to invest in a statement piece of marble furniture. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear while still looking high-end. You can get yourself a beautiful piece of green marble furniture or custom-made furniture online at Fanusta that will help you to inculcate the beauty of nature into your homes. A colored marble table top could add just the right pop of color needed to bring your space to life and make your interior shine out brightest from every house interior in your locality.

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